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‘A Good Fit’: the Tragically Hip’s Up Cannabis Deal

The Tragically Hip’s relationship with licensed marijuana producer Up Cannabis seemed like a natural fit for “Canada’s band.”

Especially since guitarists Rob Baker and Paul Langlois and bassist Gord Sinclair say it follows the Hip’s ethos of the last 30 years.

“You just want to be good, whatever it is,” said Baker seated beside his band mates at one of two long banquet tables at The New Farm, about 125 kilometres northwest of Toronto. gathering.

“And that was always (the Hip’s) approach. You don’t know if you’re going to write a hit. Just make it as good as you can. And I think that’s what these gals and guys (in Up Cannabis) are doing. They’re trying to do it the right way and build it slowly. I think they have the right approach and we have an affinity for the way they approach the business. It makes us a good fit.”

Added Langlois: “They’ve kept it cool. And we’re keeping it cool. And ‘Let’s just keep it about what the potential of (recreational cannabis) being legalized is,’ which is totally civilized (and) normal. And let’s not all go crazy and smoke too much weed all the time.”

As previously reported by the Toronto Sun, Up Cannabis, whose Ontario-grown products will be available in at least four provinces (the distribution deal has yet to be announced) as of Oct. 17, the date recreational pot is set to become legal in Canada, unveiled five strains all named after Hip songs at The New Farm event where celebrity chefs provided the Cannabis-inspired meal and Dallas Green and The Glorious Sons performed in a nearby barn.

Sinclair gave a public talk to a mix of contest winners, the media, friends and family, about each strain from the weakest (Morning Moon) to the strongest (Eldorado). The other strains are called Grace (after the Hip song, “Grace, Too”), 50MC (in a reference to “Fifty-Mission Cap”) and Gems (as in “The Last of the Unplucked Gems.”)

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