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Nevada allows open Marijuana smoking as Colorado votes to restrict cultivation

If a new bill before the state of Nevada is passed, it will be legal to smoke recreational marijuana at any public place as long as you are 10000 feet away from schools and community facilities.

The bill also requires businesses to get permits for marijuana smoking. Currently, recreational marijuana can only be smoked in private property.

Elsewhere in the state of Colorado, lawmakers are determined to restrict the number of marijuana plants grown at home for personal use.  A House committee voted to cap the limit of home grown marijuana plants to 12 plants in residential areas.

Before the vote, recreational smokers were allowed to grow up to six plants while medical marijuana growers could cultivate up to 99 plants. With the current laws, the black market for marijuana is thriving, moving in to fill the demand for medical and recreational marijuana.

As such, marijuana growers are cultivating the plants on private property before selling them in the black market. With the unprecedented growth of the black market, anti marijuana campaigners are pushing the button, demanding for a stricter enforcement regime.

According to El Paso County District Attorney Dan May, lax regulations are fuelling the rise of the black market, making it bigger than it has ever been in the state’s history. He called for strict new laws that could enforce marijuana cultivation and use. May is pushing for the reduction of legal plant count from the current 99 to six plants.

According to Mark Bolton, who advises Colorado governor on marijuana matters, there is an imperative to regulate marijuana cultivation in Colorado.

 El Paso county Sheriff deputies estimate over 600 marijuana home grows that are not licensed.

Many more marijuana control rules have been passed in the legislative session of 2017. According to Marijuana Enforcement Division, The state has so far passed a raft of new rules and an update of dozen others, including updates on packaging regulations and a medical marijuana research program. New rules will go into effect on January 1, 2018.


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