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Pot Emergency – Cirque du Pot – Cannabis Hangover?

Nevada marijuana supply running low, state of emergency declared, governor says

Nevada state officials declared a state of emergency after stores that sell recreational marijuana reported that their supply is running out just less than two weeks after the drug went on sale legally.

Gov. Brian Sandoval, R-Nev., issued the state of emergency on Friday, which will allow state officials to decide on new rules that could ease the shortage of marijuana, according to Fox 13 Now.

Nevada’s Department of Taxation released a statement that said it will contemplate emergency regulations that would permit liquor wholesalers to cash in on the marijuana sales.

Two Canadians Arrested for Cannabis in China

On July 14, two Canadian employees with the Cirque de Soleil-styled equestrian extravaganza Cavalia were arrested and imprisoned in Beijing, after allegedly being found to have consumed marijuana.

Details on the arrests come from a Radio-Canada report, helpfully translated by the CBC: “Chinese police visited a hotel in Beijing where the Cavalia team was staying, and tested them for marijuana use. There were a number of arrests of members of the show’s technical team, including two Quebecers.”

Speaking to Radio-Canada last Thursday, Cavalia spokesperson Eric Paquette refused to confirm or deny the information, noting only that the employees had unspecified “concerns” with Chinese authorities. He stressed that “It’s very important in our company policy to follow the laws of the country where we produce shows.”


Are weed hangovers real?
Ever get a headache after smoking a lot of weed? Here’s why it happens and how you can prevent it.

If you’ve ever had a night of heavy drinking, you’ve likely experienced a hangover. But have you ever woken up after a night of toking up with your friends with a headache? Are weed hangovers real?
What are Hangovers?

Hangovers most often occur after a night of heavy alcohol use. The next morning, the unlucky person will experience a pounding headache, extreme thirst, nausea, dizziness, and the horrible feeling that they made an ass of themselves. All of these symptoms are caused by dehydration and your body processing and filtering out the alcohol that you poured in the night before. Well, the first four symptoms are, at least.

Hangovers have been experienced by practically everyone on the planet since the beginning of time. Kings, scholars, artists, politicians, scientists, and inventors have all experienced the pain and suffering of this affliction. So if you’ve ever had a hangover, or if you’re hungover right this very moment, you’re in good company. Congrats!


Cannabis for Garbage

Dispensary gives away free weed to anyone who cleans up rubbish around town

Trying to get people more engaged in being environmentally friendly can be an uphill struggle.

There they are, strolling down the street, dropping their fag ends and plastic bottles and crisp packets like it’s nothing.

They don’t care that they’re littering because they’re too self-absorbed to give a crap.

But one company in Maine has come up with a genius idea to make residents more concerned about the effects of littering – and to get them actively involved in cleaning up their local environment.

Summit Medical Marijuna is offering people free weed in return for picking up litter.


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